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What are the secrets of a successful live?


Check here c exclusive onteúdos on streaming produced by professional and sector experts

In these contents you can have real experiences of those who produce live video with different goals, serving brand activation actions, retail , product launches , branding actions and corporate communication .


They are professionals who are positioning themselves and explaining the best strategies for each objective and situation. 

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Brands and opportunities in live retail


Camila Salek
Vimer Retail Experience

" All the work that involves a live is built a long time in advance.  It is very important that the brand has a plan for the live to achieve commercial goals. You start building this journey long before the live happens."

Remote production for sports


Alex Santos

" The ability to use the remote production system is super easy, you don't need to have technical knowledge to carry out the operation, and it replaces a whole technological park that usually has a very high cost, it is infinitely more economical and all you need is a computer and a connection of internet, everything is done in the cloud".

The future of livestreaming sports broadcasts


Rafael Sa
Globo Group

" With the pandemic, live streaming for sports has evolved a lot and our expectation is that it will continue to evolve."

Digital and hybrid events


Luciana Holtz
President and Director of the Oncoguia Institute

" We went from an event that took place in 2 days to an event that took place in a hybrid way in 5 days, with speakers from all over the world, maintaining the quality of the debate and increasing the reach".

The Importance of YouTube in the New Mass Culture


João Pedro Paes Leme

" More than just a technology, and much more than a television, it's a platform where you realize that much of what happens goes to other places so that there are other interactions. It's a platform that brings millions and possibilities, with dialogue from many to many".

Do you know the step by step to put a live standup?  

Do you know the best technologies for stable and high quality live?  

Have you worked different formats with remote contribution?

In the contents below you will be able to go deeper into the technical part through the shared knowledge of the experience of Ablink professionals who are every day in the production of events, digital or hybrid , in the remote production of sporting events , live retail and are daily connected with the importance of live streaming .

How to produce digital and hybrid events

"Pre-production is taking the idea and putting all the details into action.  It is necessary to have everything very aligned so that the idea becomes the live idealized by the client. Pre-production is extremely necessary, and in addition to being necessary, it's that flirting, so that we can understand each other and make live the way it has to be"

Aline Izidoro



Learn how to remotely produce sporting events

"With remote production for sports, you replace the assembly, which is a super complex process inside a stadium or a gym, with a simple camera positioning, you gain a lot of advantage, not only in cost and people reduction, but also in time, which is quite significant "

Fabio Eitelberg


Understand about formats for 100% remote lives

"The 100% remote format saved life in the pandemic with international speakers coming in remotely, with excellent quality and with great success ."

João Ramirez and Fábio Eitelberg


Livestreaming in the production and transmission of various content

"The experience at Café Filosófico is very good, because it's the sensation of producing TV, but everything is remote ".

Pedro Montes


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The 4th edition of O Futuro Agora É Live , answered how to produce successful lives from the real experiences of those who produce live video with different goals, serving brand activation actions, retail, product launches, branding actions and corporate communication . Vimer, Leo Burnett, Grabyo, LiveSports, Globo, Terruá, Oncoguia, Joy Eventos, Nuts, Play9, Instituto CPFL, Cielo, B3 and TX Filmes were some of the participating companies.

The success of the event, which brought together professionals from live marketing, television, advertising and events, had an unfolding: an entire week dedicated to knowledge and practices in live video production, the Semana O Futuro é Live, which took place from 17 to 21 May, where specialists invited partners and market experts for an intense program where they shared knowledge and exchanged successful experiences and best practices.

Free, online and always at 9 pm, the event included technical and content issues. Live formats, sports lives, live retail, new production formats, disruptive live streaming technologies and many real examples. Each day's schedule was themed and allowed for public interaction via chat and polls.

The event is promoted by Ablink.